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Samsung s21 Manual : Unboxing and First Exsperience

Samsung s21 Manual for the first time since this smartphone is here. Galaxy s21 manual for beginners is needed as a guide. But in this box there is only a very simple Samsung Galaxy S21 manual.
Samsung s21 Manual
Samsung s21 Manual
The development of smartphones is indeed quite extraordinary, especially in the class of Samsung S21 5G manual. Samsung Galaxy s21 5g manual will change your daily habits.

Please read until the end of this article, which provides the Galaxy s21 5g manual. s21 5g manual will make it easier to use or be considered before you buy this smartphone.

Samsung s21 User manual : Firstly Unboxing

Samsung s21 user manual let's get to the unboxing and see what it's all about. so you can see the box design fairly simple. You will not find the Galaxy S21 manual in the form of a thick book.  

it's actually a lot thinner. reminds me a lot of the iPhone boxes. that's because we no longer have a charger inside.
Samsung S21 Manual : Video First Set Up

it's a common theme that I think we'll be seeing across most phones these days. you either already have one or you'll have to pay for an extra one.

This is Samsung Galaxy s21 manual, on the logo it is purple and I think that corresponds to the colorway of the phone. so that's a bit of a tease.

you can see of course the Samsung s21 5g manual and of course it is now. a Samsung Galaxy s21 5g manual just like it was on the s20 from last year.

Samsung s21 5g manual for the first impressions is sliding the box up you can see the device up top. and to kind of confirm that we do have the purple one.

so this is a bit of a two-tone finish. I think this one shows off the camera bump. the best you can see of course.

the purple the gold and the best part of any video that asmr unboxing. you can see just the standard user manuals and that is a very sad site to see so nothing else underneath the box inside of here.

you've just got your sim card slot tool. and a usbc charging cable and a quick start guide that is the most minimal unboxing. no stickers nothing else.

that is all you get in the box kind of takes away from the unboxing experience. I think and the first thing that you'll notice when you pick up the s21 5g manual.

it is a matte finish just like they all are across the board. but unfortunately we can hear that the back is made out of plastic polycarbonate.

it's one of the steps that they took to reduce the price. so you'll either love or hate that I know that most people usually rock a skin or a case on that. 
Samsung Galaxy s21 manual
Samsung Galaxy s21 manual

Samsung s21 Manual : Price and Overall Design

so it's not the biggest compromise I think. I'm definitely happy to save $200.

it's quick it's snappy it's Samsung's flagship. obviously it should be is it worth the price though for 799 dollars.

if that was the only compromise. but there are a few others and coming to the overall design.

it's different from anything that we've kind of seen and the only word that. I can kind of use to describe it it looks like a superhero.

it looks like thanos actually from the avengers if this was red and yellow. it would be like iron man and you can see the clear difference.

when I bring over my note 20 there's that clear design difference. and I think most people like that I think it's a justified change.

Galaxy s21 user manual : Features and instructions

Galaxy s21 user manual for the first time does a standard review. s21 user manual to see the available features.

Samsung Galaxy s21 user manual for seniors is needed to know how advanced the technology is available. Samsung s21 user manual Will be taken into consideration whether this smartphone is suitable for you.

you can use this for the Samsung s21 5g user manual so you don't get confused the first time you open it. Samsung Galaxy s21 5g user manual will make it easier.


it's slight it isn't really anything too crazy though. and you'll also still see the triple camera system on the back.

so that has been modified this year we've got updated sensors. so it's got a 12 megapixel main, 12 megapixel ultra wide, and a 64 megapixel telephoto.

we can still get all the way up to the 100 times a space zoom. but you can kind of see that they've removed that moniker on the back. and apparently the stability for that is improved so we will get to that testing on the front.

Display Size

so this is where of course the s21 is smaller than the ultra. it's got a 6.2 inch display.

Power on Tutorial

as I take that off and we'll power on the device. and as this boots up we'll quickly.


talk about the specs that come inside so the silicone it's the new snapdragon 888 chip. it's got 8 GB of ram and now you only have storage options of either 128 or 256.

Internal Memory

so this is another one of their downgrades. I would say they've reduced or kind of removed the ability to upgrade internal storage so you can no longer stick a micro SD card in.

and I honestly think that's one of the big selling points for a lot of android phones. so not having that is a bit of a letdown.

Head Phone Jack

and of course no headphone jack. so a lot of the features are of course going away.

Fingerprint Sensor

they're really slimming it down one area. that they've improved though is the fingerprint sensor the new one from qualcomm.

it's 27 larger so that should help with unlocking your phone makes it a bit quicker. and a bit easier.

Display Screen

Now you can see that it's unlocked and this is actually the first time for a screen for a flagship Samsung device. it is no longer 4 HD they've reduced the quality to strictly 1080. if you want to bump up you'll have to get the ultra on the flip side.

though the refresh rate is adaptive so it'll switch between 48 to 120. depending on what you do most people that have used the Samsung device anyways.

I'll take my note 20 ultra again as an example have had to make that sacrifice. if you want that 120 hertz refresh rate. you usually have to step down to 1080p anyways. so having that adaptive screen having 1080p.

I don't think that's the biggest issue and especially on the smaller device. the s21 with a 6.2 inch display.

I don't think that makes too big of a difference, but despite all those sacrifices that this phone makes to keep that price low.

the overall experience is still great. so it does come with android 11 out of the box one ui 3.1.

Samsung s21 plus manual : First Look and First Impressions

Samsung s21 plus manual for first impressions. you can see s21 plus right there. Samsung S21+ right there on the back. it does say Samsung Galaxy s 21 5g.

we do have usb cable as well as a quick start guide. Terms and conditions, you don't get a charger with this one in the box although when you do the trade-in.

you get a credit so you might as well go get one. if you want so we'll peel this off. and you can see I did flip that around it does have a little Samsung car letting.

Samsung Galaxy s21 plus manual : Unboxing

you know that you just bought yourself a Samsung. so there is the phone right there.

let's go ahead and peel this off. I went with the phantom black because I really like that color for the ultra. and it looks basically the same here on this phone.

You even got the traffic light camera covered up that's what I think it looks like that's why I said that. but anyway you got the triple camera right there.

and unlike the regular s21, this one is a glass back. this is not a plastic back.

so it feels just as premium as the ultra. and then over here we got a little screen tab right there.

we'll go ahead and boot this thing up first impressions. it's like just a smaller version of the s21 ultra.

with a flat display but it's not much smaller because it's only like .1 inches. different in the screen but the camera bump on the back is a lot lighter than the one on the s21 ultra as you can see right here.

definitely a much bigger camera bump on this phone. so let that thing get booted up and we'll see what else comes in here.

you can see Samsung right there. we already read what's in the back so you're getting your cable and your booklets. yeah yeah that's basically it and it's not much in this box.

okay so here is the Samsung Galaxy s21 plus so I decided to just do the setup process. and you can see in terms of the look and feel.

it's identical to the regular s21 except for that back and that back does make this phone feel more premium than that one.

so you can see right here on the top it is kind of curved it's not squared or anything like that. at the bottom you have the USB do have the speakers.

and you will have your sim card tray right there. although you won't have microsd card expansion.

and then over here on the right side you do have the power button. and you do have the volume rocker.

there's no bixby button, so if you're coming from the s10 plus series or you know anytime in that frame. you're not going to have no bixby button here so definitely that is a nice touch as well very clean very simple one thing.

Camera Housing

I really like about this s21 plus as well as the s21 is if you notice the thing that covers, the camera housing.

here is also in that matte texture feel. so it's not going to get all smudgy and dirty inside of there. it's a very great choice by Samsung here on this one okay guys.

Internal Storage

so this phone does come with 128 GB that's starting storage. and I think that's a pretty good deal overall. it does give you one ui 3.1 and android 11.

right from the start now the first thing, I'm feeling on my first impressions are it's definitely more weighty. so the choice to go with all glass while I do like it more than the plastic build of the back of the s21.

Weight Samsung S21+

it definitely feels a little bit heavier which it is so this thing weighs 200 grams. although it's definitely not as large feeling as the Galaxy s 21 ultra.

so if you don't want a heavier phone but you still want a big device. you might prefer the Galaxy s21 plus.

over the ultra just for being big but also a little bit lighter than this phone. and even lighter than the 12 pro max.

Body and Display

all right guys so when it comes to this display. you are rocking out with 394 pixels per inch on here.

but look at that almost on all screen. there we do have a little bit of a punch hole very minimal chin. very thin bezels here, this thing has got a ridiculous screen to body ratio of 88.3.

and it's flat so putting screen protectors on this thing is going to be extremely easy for this phone.

Samsung s21+ manual for Beginners

Display Settings

now if we go into the display settings. here for this device and we go and show you it's a super smooth 120 hertz adjustment on this panel.

so it's going to look smoother than a lot of other phones. if you want better battery life you can switch to 60 but it gets good battery life.

Vivid or Natural Mode

even with that on now you do have a vivid or a natural mode. a lot of people like vivid because it just makes the screen just pop out really good.

and over here you have an eye comfort shield unlike blue filter. blue light filter where you kind of got adjusted yourself. this one will adapt automatically to lighting conditions the time of the day.

stuff like that and make sure that the screen stays comfortable on the eyes. even without this being a Q HD plus display.

Battery Life

Samsung's decision to go with 1080. is not too much of a problem here. I feel like because this phone will retain good battery life. with a 4 800 milliamp hour battery. stuffed inside having this 1080p display

Phone Color

first impressions on the color though this phantom black. I absolutely love this color. and the reason why is not because it's a black phone.

there's been a lot of black phones because it gives that matte color like that matte black. looking feel it just looks super sleek super professional. and it doesn't get really that dirty.

it's not smudgy like the s20 ultra was beautiful color here. it's the one I would pick if, I was picking up one of these.

but you might prefer a different one maybe the phantom silver. like I have here on my s21 let me know which color you prefer.

chipset Processors

another thing is that this phone does come with the snapdragon 888 cpu. so it's gonna have more power.

you can ever imagine using on this phone. it does have 8 GB of ram.

but Samsung has optimized one ui 3.1 to be super slick and smooth.

Battery Size

you probably won't ever need more than that now battery life 4800 mAh. my first impressions I really can't give you an impression. yet but my first thoughts are that this should outperform the s21 being that it's larger.

same 1080p yeah larger screen but it should also outperform the s21 ultra even though. that's only 200 milliamp hours more that has a Q hd display this has a full hd.

so I'm expecting this one to be the longest life of the bunch. even though it seems like the one. that doesn't get the most attention.

Google Discover Page Set up

and now I just want to show you that this does come with the google discover page. you can also turn this off or do Samsung free. so that helps the experience out a bit there.

Motions and Gestures Settings

if we go on the settings, and we go to advanced features. you can see you have Samsung dex mode motions and gestures.

what are you missing well, you don't get an s pen support with this one. I feel like Samsung should just make that standard.

Samsung s Pen

a standard accessory that just works with all of their Samsung phones. especially these s phones.

at the price they cost especially since they're putting it on the s21 ultra. but definitely they have to separate them somewhere. and add somewhere that it gets separated.

I'm liking the feel of this phone. if you like big phones but you don't want to go too far. I think this one feels a little bit more comfortable than the s21 ultra.

Wallpaper Settings

and now I want to showcase the wallpapers on here for this Samsung Galaxy s21 plus. and you can see it's basically the same as what we've seen for the Galaxy s21 and s21 ultra so nothing really different here.

about the wallpapers but there are some beautiful looking wallpapers on this phone. and I have the buttons now because that's the way it comes out of the box. I'll change it to gestures later. don't worry about it.


now when it comes to the cameras. it does look like Samsung hooked. you up here again a 64 megapixel telephoto, a 12 megapixel ultra wide and then you have a 12 megapixel standard wide.

pretty good then on the front you do have yourself a 10 megapixel camera. that can do dual pixel auto focus. so that's pretty amazing you can auto focus on the front.

and you could do up to 4k 60 and the rear can do 8k recording. so let's go ahead and open that camera up.

and it looks like it's going to be just like the one for both the other phones without the extra added camera from the Galaxy s21 ultra. but you do have the director's view night modes, pro video, pro photos.

and I'm guessing it's the same exact camera as the smaller Galaxy s21. which is not a problem whatsoever in my eyes as that camera was also amazing. you could see this thing can zoom up to 30x.


and then if we go over here to video. I can go ahead and tweak this all the way to 8k at 24. and I would like to see you know 8k at 30 maybe in the future because 24 maybe not the video format everyone's using.

but right now 8k is still way out of the usage of most people. so it doesn't have to be upgraded anytime. soon but that's one area they could upgrade 0.5 x pretty good on the ultra wide right there.

and then if I go ahead and flip this around you can see I will have a 10 megapixel front-facing camera here.

so yeah it'll also ask you do you want to put your selfies in natural or bright mode. I kind of like them in natural. so i'll leave it there you can also punch in on yourself you can back it out beautiful overall cameras this is after all a thousand dollar phone.

Samsung s21 plus manual : Price

but right now you can pick this up for around $849 on amazon. that's a pretty big savings right now.

Samsung s21 plus manual : Conclusion

This plus model but you can say it's a really premium look. now we do have the Galaxy s21 which is not substantially smaller. but it is a little bit smaller.

and if you just don't like large phones but you like a sweet spot size, you might prefer the s21 over the plus.

but based on my first impression this one's pretty easy to understand. you're getting a bigger version and a slightly more premium version of the regular s21.

if you don't want to go all out on the ultra that's where this Samsung s21 plus manual steps in. and Samsung Galaxy s21 plus manual going to be a really good battery life, really good cameras, really premium look, and feel. you'll get Samsung s21+ manual for first significantly cheaper than the Galaxy s21 ultra.
Samsung s21 plus manual
Samsung s21 plus manual

Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra manual : Unboxing and Set up Tutorial 

Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra manual is definitely needed for first-time users. Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra manual makes a very important and detailed guide.

The s21 ultra manual carried in the box is minimal. Or often called a quick guide. to find out the Galaxy s21 ultra manual in more detail you can access a page or in the form of a pdf file.

This is the Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra 5g manual on Price now this comes in $200 cheaper or so than last year. so we'll open those up a little bit later.

and that means it starts at $1199 and goes up to $1379. depending on which variant you picked up.

If you need the Samsung S21 Ultra 5G manual, please read this page. Because the Galaxy s21 ultra 5g manual will be very helpful for beginners and even seniors.

you have 128, 256, or 512 gigabytes of storage. that is not expandable this year. now you have 5 different color options.

this year phantom black, phantom silver, phantom titanium, phantom navy, and phantom brown. the last three of which you actually have to special order.

and they look a little bit different around the camera. so let's go ahead and open this up.

Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra user manual : Unboxing and First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra user manual and take the unboxing knife here. we'll cut the tape on the back carefully of course. there we go I think I've got it there.  

we go and let's go ahead and open this. now they did not include a charger this year. so we have a little bit thinner box.

but the interesting thing is if you want the fast charger. the fast charger box is actually bigger.

and it's just sort of loose in there. so I'm not sure why they did that but hopefully, they'll put it in smaller packaging a little bit later. 

Samsung s21 ultra manual : Unboxing

so let's go ahead and open this up. and this is the box this year so we've got a little piece of paper on the top.

here's the smartphone itself so this is the phantom black color. so we'll take  a closer look at that in just a moment.

and then in the box we've got well I guess just this little  box on the back. you have a sim card removal tool. no case or anything with it.

However, the s21 ultra user manual in the form of a book is not available here. You have to look for the Galaxy s21 ultra user manual yourself.  

at least in the united states, you've got a little bit of paperwork. so it says s21 5g, 21 plus, and 21 ultra. so those are the three models they just released.

and then a little extra Samsung s21 ultra user manual about it. and then we have a charging cable here. so it looks like we've got a USB-C to USB-C adapter. so the the cable comes in the box but no charger.

Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra 5g user manual : First Impressions

Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra 5g user manual and we'll take a closer look at the phone. and so here's the phone itself on the back let's peel the cover off.

we've got a cover on the back then a cover over the camera bump and then we've got a cover on the front as well. so that's everything around the phone now.

this phone is made out of aluminum. and it has a glass front and back. this is a frosted glass on the back.  you've got gorilla glass victus on the front which should be nice and durable now.

let's go around  the outside of the phone. and then we'll talk about the specs. so we do have a wrapper that goes all the way around the phone as far as plastic.
and I'll take that off in a little bit. but on the  top you can see we've got dual microphones here.
on the right-hand side you've got a volume  button as well as a power sleep-wake button. on the bottom we have a sim card tray, a microphone,  USB c and then a speaker.

and so no dual speakers. on the bottom, or microphones that are symmetrical or anything just like last year.

and then we have nothing on the left-hand side. and like I said this  is an aluminum frame. it feels fairly heavy as well on the back.

it's got that nice frosted matte black glass. and the camera module up at the top that looks a little bit different. and protrudes out of it a little bit.

so let me go ahead and remove this wrapper on the top here all the way around the phone. and see if I can find an edge of it.
there we go you've got sticky tape or wrapper. they do this often on all of their phones to sort of protect the edge while they're shipping.  

there we go there's one more piece right here. there now you can see it's got a glossy edge matte.  black on the back matte or gloss on the front with the screen. and then of course you do have those other color options as well.

Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra 5g manual: Specifications

let's go ahead and talk about the Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra 5g manual specifications. and then  we'll boot it up, and set it up. and take a look at some of the accessories.

so this has a Qualcomm  snapdragon 888 in it along with an Adreno 660 GPU. depending on the variant you get you to buy.

you actually get 12 or 16 GB of ram. the 16-gigabyte option comes with the 512 gigabytes of storage.  

this is the 128-gigabyte option you also have an Exynos 2100 CPU outside of the united states.  so it varies again depending on where you live on the front.

we have a 6.8-inch display with  1404 by 3200 pixels with 515 pixels per inch. it's a 120-hertz display. but this year can ramp down to 10 hertz or back up to 120 to save power.
it also has a peak brightness of 1500 nits and supports the s pen. you would need a separate case to carry it in.

as well as there's no charging port in the bottom like there is with the also has 5g with millimeter-wave and sub 6 along with wi-fi, with bluetooth 5.2 just like last year.
Battery Specs

it retains that huge 5000 milliamp-hour battery. and if you get the 25-watt adapter.

you can fast-charge this to a hundred percent in about an hour according to Samsung. you also have ip68 certification for 1.5 meters for 30 minutes.  
Camera Specs

now let's take a look at the cameras on the front. we have a 40-megapixel f 2.2 aperture camera that can record 4k 60.

and then on the back we  have a little bit different cameras this year. so we have a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera with an f 2.2 aperture 108-megapixel wide-angle lens with an f 1.8 aperture a 10  megapixel.

telephoto f 2.4 which is about 3x zoom as well as a 10 megapixel. periscope zoom camera that's an f 4.9 aperture so you've got dual zoom.

and then you also have 12-bit photos and supported up to 8k video at 24 frames per second. you can also take macro photos with this. as well once you get really close to an object .

Android OS
this also has android 11 in it with one UI 3.  so it's got all sorts of new things in it it's the latest flagship.


like I said the phone does feel quite heavy it's 222 grams or 7.83 ounces. so it is a fairly heavy phone. and it does seem to be balanced pretty well.

if I put my finger in the middle it seems to be well balanced but it  is quite large.

now before we go ahead and turn it on and set it up. I want to show you a quick size comparison since this is such a giant phone.
but compared to the note 20 ultra. it's  actually a little bit shorter. so next to it seems ever so slightly, shorter, and then as far as its overall width.

it feels a little bit narrower, and so you can see it is a  little bit narrower here. so if we bring it up there we go you can see that it's definitely a  little bit narrower than the note 20 ultras.

and it's also a little bit thicker it seems as well so depending on which area you're looking. at the camera bump or not it definitely feels thicker.  now if you're an iPhone user maybe you're looking to switch to a s21 ultra here's a 12 pro max.

next to it as well so they're both very large phones the s21 ultra is a little bit narrower. though so it feels a little narrower.

you can see it there and then the thickness is very comparable although the s21 ultra with its camera bump is definitely thicker. so you can see that here so both very big phones. they look great.

Samsung s21 ultra tutorial

Samsung s21 ultra tutorial and let's go ahead and turn it on. and get it set up. so let's go ahead and hit start. Samsung s21 ultra tutorial we'll have to agree to the terms and conditions.
at least two of them you can skip the diagnostic  data. if you want hit next then we'll connect to our wi-fi network.

and then you can copy apps and  data. I won't do this now I'll do it a little bit later. they didn't include the adapter to allow me to easily do that from say the note for example. so I'll set that up a little bit later and copy  everything over but we'll just get it set up quickly.

so we can take a closer look so we'll just  hit next go back don't copy. now because I'm not copying my data. I'm just going to skip the sign-in for now. but I'll do this a little bit later.  

but you'd normally sign in to your google account. and then it's asking you about google services. I'll go ahead and just hit more.

Fingerprint Setup

and now I'll  need to set up the fingerprint. so this should have a bigger fingerprint sensor than last  year. but we'll go ahead and hit continue.
I'll put in a pin for now or a pattern rather than just do a z. and then we'll have to set up the fingerprint  sensor.

so let's go ahead and do that this definitely feels faster than setting up the fingerprint sensor on last year's phone. I haven't been a fan of the under-the-screen fingerprint sensors until the s20 ultra.

so that one seemed to get it right. it was much better but it is a little bit sensitive compared to others.

I've used but that seemed to be pretty fast, go ahead  and hit next.

Sign in to Samsung Account

and it says getting your phone ready now. it wants me to sign into a Samsung account again. I'll hit skip. I'll do it a little bit later of course.

you want to sign in to all those to get  the most out of your device but we'll go ahead and hit finish.

Wallpaper Settings

and then here's the stock  wallpaper. so we'll give it just a moment and you'll hear that default sound.  so let's see what we've got here.
it wants to complete setup it's doing all of those  things, let's swipe up now. one of the things this phone has that I think's great is if you swipe to the left here.

Sign in Google Account

you have google. so if you're signed into google you now have the google now sort of set up that you've had for years on pixel devices.
instead of Bixby which I think is great. also, this has a variable refresh rate display as I said and the nice thing this year is you don't have to lower the resolution in order to get that high frame rate as well with the higher hertz as far as 120.

Motions Settings

so it's super smooth. let's go into the settings here and we'll go to display. and then under-display we've got motion smoothness adaptive.
and standard so it says get smoother animations. and scrolling by automatically adjusting your screen refresh rate up to 120 hertz. it's on  that by default and then again.

Resolutions Setup

if we go down you can see here's the resolution maybe I want it at the highest resolution. we'll hit apply last year when you did that it would actually slow.  

the screen refresh rate down now it won't do that so you get 120 hertz at the highest refresh rate.  and the highest screen resolution at the same time now the disadvantage.

of course is it's going to  use more battery as it says here so that's one of the new things that you get with this.

Weather Setup

so  we'll tap and set up weather. we'll hit okay use our current location. let it  set up the weather here.

there we go and we have some stock weather wallpapers that are nice now. but you  can see here's the wallpapers that are included. you've got some nice ones some of them look very familiar from the older ones. but you've got some preloaded ones as well.

so I think that's nice,  I'll keep it a little bit darker on this one. and then we can enable that dark theme now.

S Pen

now you don't have anywhere to store the s pen. but you do have the capability to use it. they do make a case after market as well that you can use the pen with. so that's really nice so you have those options.

you don't get the air gestures. it's not BlueTooth connected and it doesn't self-charge. so you don't you don't have that advantage but at least you can use one if you really like the pen.
Samsung s21 ultra manual
Samsung s21 ultra manual

s21 ultra camera guide

s21 ultra camera guide, another thing of course is the camera. the camera on this should be phenomenal that 4k and 8k capability. so we'll go into the s21 ultra camera tutorial.
it's going to show you all the different modes. so you've got a ton of different modes here.
you've got everything from ar doodle, to pro, to panorama, food night portrait, and more.

and like I said you can use an s pen with it as well. so  I'm not sure how easily this works but let's just remove it from say it just seems to work.  

so I removed it right out of the note 20 ultra and it looks like it works so I can go into here.  

ar doodle and we can do a selfie do doodle here. you can just write over whatever and it stays put so you've got that ability. so you've got the selfie doodle ability. and it just seems to work.  

now let's go into the camera and take a closer look at those settings. and you'll see  I'm already on video here. and if we go to the top we should have our resolution.

so you'll see  we have full HD go back in here. ultra HD and 8k 24 frames per second. so we have the option  to do 8k.

if we want at 24 frames per second and then we have a ton of different options. as well as 4k at 60 frames per second.

we also have a bunch of other options as well such as ar doodle,  pro panorama, food portrait, portrait video pro video, and more.

and then of course under the photo  mode we have a ton of different zooms as well. so if I take the note 20 ultra put it back here.  of course, we can zoom in zoom way in 10x there.
and then of course if we really want we've got  a 100x but that's not going to look very good. considering how close we are but at 30x.

they do  a pretty good job of actually handling that zoom now of course it's going to look much better. when  you're outside and you have a long distance.

and a lot of light as well now when we're at the smaller zoom level. it's going to use one of two different cameras. so we have that zoom camera.

and then we  have a telephoto zoom that sort of periscopes in to get that. so we have that option and of  course ultrawide as well. so we've got all of those options.

so we'll just go back to normal here,  take a photo and this year's phone focuses on a laser. so we no longer have that issue where we had a poor focus on the s20.

this is nice sharp focus it looks pretty good of course. I'll have to use  the camera a bit more to get a better opinion about it. but it looks pretty good so far.

the other  thing I wanted to check with the camera is it can do macro supposedly. so if we get close to it  let's see what it'll do here it should switch and give us a macro photo.

let's see what we  can do here it looks like we can get nice. and close to that lens. so I love the macro capability. you'll see it there so that's pretty interesting.  

we have all of that built into this and it's makes for quite the phone. it is quite warm right now as it's being set up as well.

Hopefully this Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra manual is useful for you. Good Luck.

Samsung Galaxy S21 User Guide and Manual PDF Beginner

Galaxy S21 User Guide - SAMSUNG has officially presented its newest flagship smartphone. namely the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. if you need Galaxy s21 guide please read this. Because Samsung s21 user guide very important for Beginners or seniors. 

Before you download Samsung Galaxy s21 user guide pdf make sure you have installed adobe reader. Lets, Bringing features that are clearly different from the previous Galaxy generation.  

Samsung Galaxy S21 User Guide and Manual PDF Beginner
Galaxy S21 User Guide
The shape of the main camera is very different from other flagships. For Beginners, If you are confused about this very new feature, don't worry, we have provided the s21 ultra user guide for setup guide and you can download s21 ultra guide pdf here. After you read s21 ultra guide So you can maximize the available features.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Specifications

Great SPECS !! The Galaxy S21 has three different variants. With very attractive colors. It is perfect for those of you who need a different experience. The following are the differences between the 3 flagships. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Specifications
Samsung Galaxy S21 Specifications

New Samsung Galaxy S21 Release Date and Price

Let's Reveal Information Related to the New Samsung Galaxy S21 Release Date! Most people have known that now, Samsung is preparing for the latest Galaxy S phones. Although it has not been officially confirmed, this flagship cellphone is strongly suspected of carrying the name Galaxy S21.

Table of Galaxy S21 

Type of Galaxy S21 Galaxy S21 Price Galaxy S21 Release Date
Samsung Galaxy S21 Release Date and Price
Samsung Galaxy S21 Price : $849.00 Samsung Galaxy S21 Release Date : 2021
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Price and Release Date
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Price : $799.00 Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Release Date : 2021
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Price and Release Date
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Price : $1,049.99 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G Release Date : 2021
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Release Date and Price
Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Price : $849.99 Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G Release Date : 2021

Then, when will the new Samsung galaxy s21 release date be and what are the specifications? There is no detailed information yet, but here are the leaks that you can see regarding this new phone.

Galaxy S21 launch

Some leaks say the launch of this phone will violate Samsung's annual tradition. Usually, the Galaxy S line is launched in February, however, the Galaxy S21 is said to be launched in January next year. However, no one knows the exact date. Now, the great leaker Jon Prosser has the answer. 

Through a personal Twitter account, Prosser claims that the new Samsung galaxy s21 release date will be on 14th January 2021. Not only that, Prosser even leaked the pre-order date and the date the Galaxy S21 went on sale to the market. 

The S21 series launch will show live on 14th January 2021 online in which everybody can watch on There is a rumor that Galaxy S21 series will present three new great models, they are the S21 Galaxy, S21 Plus, and also S21 Ultra.

The leaked appearance of Galaxy S21

Leaked sightings of the Samsung Galaxy S21 itself have been widely discussed on social media. From the photos in circulation, the design of the S21 Galaxy seems to offer different things, especially on the back. 

The photo of the S21 Galaxy shows the rear body design showing something new in the camera housing that is now integrated with the edges of the body. The camera housing also still looks protruding upwards.

Galaxy S21 Price

Reportedly, the Samsung series of Galaxy S21 will be sold cheaper than its predecessor. Reportedly, the new cellphone will be sold in the range of US $ 849 and the US $ 899, while when it was released last year the Samsung Galaxy S20 was priced starting at US $ 999. 

It seems that the price drop of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is because the Samsung Galaxy S21 line is reportedly not going to include a charger in the box.

However, predictions say that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will start at the US $ 999. Of the three models to be launched, it is reported that the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra will be the most expensive device.

So, are you ready to get after knowing the new Samsung galaxy s21 release date?

Hopefully the Galaxy S21 User guide PDF can help using your latest flagship. Good Luck.

Samsung Galaxy s21 manual pdf : FREE DOWNLOAD

Please download Samsung s21 manual pdf and Samsung Galaxy s21 ultra user manual pdf for Free Here. We will update the Samsung s21 user manual pdf in the future. Stay tuned:


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Hopefully Samsung s21 Manual can help you. because the manual for the Samsung Galaxy S21 is very simple for beginners. But if you need a more detailed Samsung S21 manual then. Good Luck.

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