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Samsung S21 Face id : How to Register it FREE?

    How to Fix Samsung S21 Face ID Not Working

    Last year, some uses reported that their Samsung S21 Face ID feature didn’t work. Even though some system improvements have taken place, it won’t hurt to know more about this thing. Generally, this issue is caused by a minor bug in its software. But first of all, be sure you read the following points before taking further actions.

    Samsung S20 Face id Not Working
    Samsung S21, S20 or S10 Face id Not Working

    What happens when face recognition doesn't work? Things worth checking out

    The face ID feature may not work properly when the front camera and sensor are dirty. Thus, be sure to clean the surface thoroughly, and make sure that neither dust nor dirt covers the camera. The camera and sensor should be free to recognize your face.

    Other than that, the unlocking process would run smoothly in a brighter environment. At some point, you need to hold your phone at arm’s length so the feature runs faster. When you use a screen protector, be sure it doesn’t cover your camera.

    When those things above are perfect but the feature could run smoothly, you can move on to the next step.

    How do I make my Samsung face unlock faster?

    You can make Samsung Galaxy face unlock faster with Disable and re-enable the feature. Sometimes, all you need to do is to restart the feature when the Samsung S21 Face ID didn’t work. 

    • You can disable the Face Recognition through the Biometric and Security tab, 
    • and then restart your phone. 
    • Once your phone is restarted, turn on the feature through the same steps. 
    • This method should’ve worked out after all.

    Re-registering your face ID : How to?

    According to reports, the face recognition feature could work perfectly after the user re-registered the face ID. You can try the same thing with your S21. Also, this is a common problem for almost all high-end devices manufactured by Samsung.

    How to Registering Face ID Samsung Galaxy, The issue may occur due to corrupted files caused by third-party apps. You can manage the settings for the face recognition through the same steps on the previous point, and find ‘remove face data’. By that, you can re-register your “new” face to the system just like the first time you do the entire process.

    How do I improve Samsung face recognition?

    with Other options, If the methods above doesn't work give any change with the feature, you can try to clear the cache of the app, wipe the cache partition, and reset your phone to the factory default. Of course, you need to make a copy or backup important files you don’t want to delete. Resetting your phone will put our phone to the “original” version, thus the Samsung S21 Face ID feature can work properly right after.

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