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Samsung Galaxy Book Factory Reset FREE and Easily

    How to Perform Samsung Galaxy Book Factory Reset

    Are you looking for a way to perform Samsung Galaxy Book factory reset? In this article, we have a few ways you can try resetting your device.

    Samsung is one of the largest manufacturers on this planet. The company comes up with tablets, smartphones, high-end mobile devices, and so on. Since many people use the products, some issues may also occur – mand-made technology will always have its limitations.

    Samsung Galaxy Book Factory Reset
    Samsung Galaxy Book Factory Reset

    More than anything, the limitations are fixable. If you are encountering a weird thing with your device, you can perform a factory reset to your device. This mode makes selling phones much easier, while some software issues are easily manageable by resetting your device to its “original” setting.

    There are a few ways you can try to reset your phone. The most popular is through the settings menu and from the recovery mode.

    How do I factory reset my Samsung Galaxy book?

    Resetting from the settings menu is the easiest. This mode is possible if your phone can work properly but you find something strange with your phone. Also, if you plan to sell your phone, you can access the settings menu to run the Samsung Galaxy Book factory reset.

    Keep in mind that a factory data reset will delete all third-party apps along with files and things in your phone’s memory. Thus, be sure to copy the important files and make a proper backup in the first place.

    • Go to the ‘settings’ and find the ‘general management’. 
    • Scroll the screen and tap ‘reset’, find the ‘factory data reset’. 
    • Once you tap the option, the process will take place. 
    • Also, you can tick the box ‘format SD card’ if you want to clean the entire thing on your phone.

    How do you reset a Samsung Galaxy without the password?  

    Another way to access the factory reset is through the recovery mode. This mode is quite powerful to manage your device, especially if your device is frozen and unresponsive due to software crashes. 

    This Step if you want to Reset from Recovery Mode:

    • Turn off your device until it is completely off. 
    • After that, hold the power button and volume up button at the same time for a few seconds until the recovery mode screen shows on your screen, release the button.
      You will see several commands available on the screen. 
    • Managing the highlight can be done by using the volume button and press the power button or home button to finalize your option. Once anything is done, tap ‘reboot system now’. 

    And these are the steps you must do to perform a Samsung Galaxy Book factory reset. hopefully useful, Good Luck.

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