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How to Set Up Voicemail on S20 ultra

    Voicemail S20 Ultra Features And How To Set It Up

    One of the mobile phones that is global, namely Samsung, recently Samsung released its newest product, the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung S20 Plus, Samsung S20 FE and Samsung S20 5G. Which was released last year along with other Galaxy families, the S20 Ultra is a mobile with high specifications. 

    How to Set Up Voicemail on S20 ultra
    How to Set Up Voicemail on S20

    This Ultra S20 has extraordinary features such as the screen size, language design, and body of this phone, one of the features that not many users know how to set it up. Voicemail itself is a computer system that can be used by users to send voice messages to each other in certain circumstances or at any time. 

    This voice message functions to send or receive audio messages or voice recordings. Every cell phone or smartphone certainly has its own advantages and the Samsung S20 Ultra is included in it, this is because the S20 Ultra is called a smartphone with high specifications among all galaxies, this Samsung Ultra has a variety of capable technologies apart from other galaxies.

    Voicemail Settings

    As we know that Samsung often accentuates its charm by providing different features in each type it launches, even though it is an expensive cell phone, Samsung always provides many features according to your needs. 

    As we know, there are many fans of this ultra s20 but there are some features that are not yet known to users, such as instant recording features and also voice messages. Many ask, such as how to set up voicemail messages on the s20 ultra or how to use it, not all users know the functions of the features on their cellphones, therefore we need to know how to set up voicemail messages on the s20 ultra. 

    Voicemail must exist on several cell phones that have been spread among the public that can be used, for how to set up Voicemail on Samsung Galaxy S:

    • Click the settings icon.
    • Tap call settings.
    • then click voicemail again.
    • then click voicemail.
    • Select my operator.
    • then select voicemail on the Voicemail number then click OK , 
    • You will see the voicemail settings after entering your number.
    • Open the call icon there you can press the button while holding followed by clicking a button then you will automatically switch to the voicemail service.
    • Follow the steps given via the voice command.

    Voicemail Function

    With voicemail, you can send short voice messages when in certain circumstances such as driving, busy, or in a meeting so that it does not allow you to make calls or receive incoming calls, by using voicemail you can automatically direct when there is an incoming call to the voicemail service and you can open or recover the message later. 

    So the existence of voicemail makes it easier for you to give news or receive news briefly and clearly. With this feature, you can also capture messages through voice recordings and you can open voice messages at any time when your activities are free.

    That's how to set up voicemail on the s20 ultra, this modern voicemail system is almost all stored on the computer system data storage, notification notifications depend on the voicemail system. A fairly ordinary system allows you not to be able to provide an active notification at any time, at least a notification will appear on the message informing you that you received a voice message so that you can find out and open the message.

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