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How to Activate Samsung Galaxy Incognito Mode

Get to know the Samsung Galaxy Incognito Mode

Samsung galaxy is one of the products from the Samsung group that is marketed by Samsung Electronics; this Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is trendy in various circles, Samsung Galaxy always adds interesting features every year that keep it alive, from features that used to be simple to become mobile phones a myriad of sophistication today.

Samsung Galaxy Incognito Mode
Samsung Galaxy Incognito Mode
There are 7 official Samsung features that Galaxy users must have, namely Samsung email, Samsung smart switch mobile, Samsung video library, one-hand operation, sound assistants, game plugins, and a Samsung internet browser that is safe and confidential, talking about security, there are features that we can use. private if you don't want our search history to be known by other people, namely the Samsung Galaxy Incognito Mode.

We often feel restless because history or history on Android can be read or tracked by other people even though it is private and the worst is data theft in the history that is in our web browser. To reduce and become more private browsing on the web, we can use incognito mode on our Samsung Galaxy mobile phones, although the way this feature works is a little longer in accessing a website when compared to before using incognito mode. 

Apart from being more private, this feature is also safer and reduces advertisements that usually appear on the web, but this mode cannot delete data stored on the server owned by the website and from which network we are accessing. Apart from Google Chrome, this feature can also be used on social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and others.

How to Activate and Close Incognito Mode

The way to activate incognito mode in Samsung Galaxy is by 

  • Open the Google Chrome application.
  • Click the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner.
  • Then clicking incognito mode.

with this model we can open more than one incognito mode tab and how to turn off this mode by clicking the square icon on the right top then close the tabs one by one.

Benefits of Using Samsung Galaxy Incognito Mode

1. Can maintain the security of the accounts that we have

When we open or log in to an account, we automatically provide email or password information, if we have logged in and used it, the chrome password box will automatically be filled, which means the browser has stored our data.

2. Without advertising

With this mode, data and habits when browsing the internet are not recorded, thereby reducing the advertisements that appear even though not all of them.

3. Free to look for something that is confidential

By the meaning of personal incognito mote, we can freely browse the internet safely and comfortably when looking for private links.

4. Can open multiple accounts simultaneously

Usually, we can only open one social media account on the web browser, but one of the benefits of incognito mode, we can also access other accounts so that during that time we can open both accounts.

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