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How to Screen Record Galaxy S21 : at Ease and Fast?

    How to Record My Screen on Samsung

    How to record my screen on Samsung Galaxy phone? Well, this is a common question that people have about their smartphones. 

    Nowadays, sending tutorials can be very easy as long as you can follow how the technology works. Instead of writing long sentences of the tutorial, you can easily use your smartphone to record what you are doing on your phone. 

    How to Record my Screen on Samsung
    How to Record my Screen on Samsung
    After that, you can send it to the people that need it from you. It is easier to understand from the recipient as well. They can easily watch the tutorials and try them with their phone at the same time. 

    If you have a Samsung smartphone, there is an instruction to record the screen so that you can share the result afterward.  

    Step-by-step Screen Recording on Samsung Galaxy

    To record a screen on your Samsung Galaxy, you will have to go-to apps to select a screen recorder. 

    1. Once you have selected it, you will see a red circle with a video camera icon in it. 
    2. It will show up on the left side of your phone screen. 
    3. It is movable so that you can move the circle icon around. 
    4. You will need to click on the red circle and it will direct you to a menu. 
    5. You can go to the setting and take a screenshot or record a video of your screen. 
    6. You can take as much time as you need to record a live video of your screen.
    7. It will give you a notification that the screen recorder will start recording everything on your screen. 
    8. It is time to go to the page that you want to record. 
    9. Select “Don’t Show Again” and then click on “Start Now”. 
    10. The count down from 3 to 1 will start after you click on “Start Now”. 
    11. You can click “Got It” once you are sure that you have recorded everything. 

    You will be able to find the file in your gallery. You can watch it to ensure that you got the perfect recording for your needs.

    Easy and Time Efficient : Record Screen

    It is easy to record the screen and you can help your people to follow the instructions you gave at ease. There is no need to write instructions that will take you hours to do so. 

    It is time-efficient and will give you much more effective results.

    So, ensure that you know how to to record my screen on Samsung Galaxy, properly so you can share any guidance or tutorials at ease and fast.

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