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How to Make Ar Emoji Samsung S21?

    Samsung Galaxy Features : Ar Emoji

    Samsung Galaxy Ar Emoji :  Galaxy S series is one of the products released by the Samsung Group, with new innovations updating the previous Samsung Galaxy which was not quite special. 

    Samsung released the Samsung Galaxy with a myriad of features that other Androids don't have that make it even more special. 

    there are several distinguishing features Samsung Galaxy with previous products. from the latest chipset, sophisticated screen coupled with a large battery, not forgetting the camera that has been updated from the previous product.

    Samsung Galaxy Ar Emoji
    Samsung Galaxy Ar Emoji
    A series of sophistication and interesting features launched by Samsung such as a new breakthrough in terms of a camera that has ar emoji which makes selfies and communication on smartphones more interesting and unique such as the Samsung Galaxy  Ar emoji as a way of communication in the smartphone era. 

    In addition to photos and videos, without us typing long words ar emoji can represent a person's expression and feelings. 

    here we also modify facial features such as eye size, skin color, eyeglasses, hair color, and clothes according to what we want to create, besides characters Disney is also provided so that users can use characters like those in Disney.

    How to make ar emoji on Samsung Galaxy S

    • Click or open the camera application 
    • Click the ar emoji at the top of the camera screen
    • Follow the next steps and take a selfie
    • Select a gender symbol such as boy or girl, then click next
    • Adjust our pictures and selfies.

    The advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

    1. This Samsung Galaxy s20 has a revolution of 64MP, wide 12 MP, 12MP ultrawide with digital 30 and 3 times optical, we can take several videos with one tap and couple with several filters. Very good photo results with accurate and sharp photos
    2. This Samsung Galaxy s20 has 8GB RAM and 128GB internal which gives good performance and doesn't disappoint
    3. With 4000Mah battery, maybe not the most durable when used for playing games and others but for charging it is quite fast
    4. With its small and simple size, it has its own place for those of us who use it and can be held with 1 hand
    5. A panel with a fairly high resolution with a feature of 120 watts, although if you want 120 watts you have to set it yourself
    6. Equipped with two speakers, it is really satisfying for us to accompany us to listen to music, play games, and others

    Weakness Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

    1. The term there is quality there is a price, so don't be surprised that the price offered is fairly high because in it users will be spoiled with features and sophistication in it
    2. The appearance is too simple, especially the material is still premium, but if we look at it it looks normal, too plain for the size of a product that is a premium line, but with this simple size you can help with a good color choice
    3. If we use it for too long to play games or there are many effects there will be a decrease in performance.
    I hope this article Samsung Galaxy Ar Emoji is useful. Good Luck.

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