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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy does not Charge

    What if Your Samsung Galaxy Does Not Charge?

    Samsung Galaxy Does Not Charge : Your Samsung Galaxy might be a sophisticated device that you love the most because of the various great features offered. You cannot live without it. 

    That is why when your samsung galaxy won't charge, it can be one of the worst experiences in your life. You cannot use the sophisticated features offered by this smartphone. 

    Samsung Galaxy does not Charge
    Samsung Galaxy does not Charge
    You might be asking the reason why your smartphone is not charging. More importantly, you will have a big question about the way to fix it.

    Common Reasons : Samsung Galaxy will not Charge

    Why is your Samsung Galaxy not charging? Let's start with this question. You need to know about the reasons why charging is not working for your device. 

    There are some possible reasons, but you do not need to worry because most of them can be fixed without having to use extra supports. 

    1. The very first reason why your device fails to charge is the faulty adapter, socket, charger, or even cable. 
    2. If there is debris or dirt in the charging port, it can also make your device fail to charge. 
    3. Your device does not charge because the charging is interrupted by third-party apps. 
    4. Last but not least, it is not charging because you do not update the software yet when it is necessary.

    Those are the common reasons why your samsung galaxy does not charge.

    How to Fix Samsung Galaxy not Charging

    Now you know the reasons why your device is not charging. Nevertheless, you might need to try these steps for fixing the problem. 

    • Firstly, you need to check the charger. You need to know whether you can find a problem with the charging cable or the charger. You might need to buy a new charger. When you check your charger work, you need to use an official charger and if there is damage to it. 
    • You might also want to try a new cable or a different power source. If the charger is not the main culprit, you might also want to clean the charging port. If the dirt, lint, debris, or dust is building up inside the charging port, the charging cable cannot engage properly with the charging contacts located inside the charging port. 
    • Do not forget to power off the device before you attempt to clean the charging port. 
    • You might also want to check for water and moisture since if you can find moisture or water in the USB port, the device will automatically avoid the charging process. 

    More steps can be tried when your samsung galaxy does not charge including by rebooting the device, replacing the battery, trying a wireless charger, and also trying Wireless PowerShare.

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