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Samsung Galaxy s10 Force Shutdown : How to Handle?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Force Shutdown and How to Handle It

Galaxy S Force Shutdown -- As we know that Samsung always has lots of flagship series of phones, and Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the flagships from this popular brand. This device comes with great specifications during that year and can be considered the coolest phone of the year. 

Samsung Galaxy s10 Force Shutdown
Samsung Galaxy s10 Force Shutdown
This phone is using a base of chipset for the Exynos 9820 and it is known that this phone also uses Snapdragon 855. Sometimes, there is a time when user's face troubleshooting of this phone, Samsung Galaxy S10 force shutdown, and they should find a way to handle it.

The Troubleshoot Problem of Samsung S10 and How to Handle It

Before we speak more about the troubleshooting, we need to know more about the specification of this phone first, as we know that this phone is also equipped with a ram of 6GB and there is also another phone variant with ram up to 12GB. 

Although this phone is already equipped with super cool specs, it is always having a possibility to face troubles and some issues and you need to know how to handle it.

For example, there is a problem of freezing the phone when your phone is not responding at all and there are lots of reasons why it has happened. 

Do not worry because Samsung already has a kill-switch program that you can use when you want to restart your phone, so you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S10 force shutdown and how to handle it.

How to Handle Your Samsung Galaxy S10 : Restart Force Shutdown.

If you want to restart your Samsung Galaxy S10 phone, you can always apply the forcing shutdown and restart method by pressing some buttons and hold it at the same time, so the buttons that you need to press and hold for a while are the volume down and the power buttons. 

  1. You need to press and hold it until the device will be turned off with force shutdown.
  2. Then you need to hold and press the button for around 7 seconds
  3. During this process, you will see that your phone will be shut down and it will also directly be restarted. 
  4. When you still get the screen in black mode.
  5. You do not know whether your phone is already turned off or not.
  6. Then continue to press and hold the volume down and power buttons 
  7. and soon you will feel that your phone is vibrating
  8. This time, your phone will be restarted

So, here is some information that you need to keep regarding the Samsung Galaxy S10 force shutdown.

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