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How to Set Schedule Text Message Samsung s21?

    Samsung Galaxy Scheduled Message

    Schedule Message on Samsung Galaxy : A smartphone is not just a phone which you can use to call or to send a text message. It has more functions than ease your work life. 

    Samsung Galaxy Scheduled Message
    Samsung Galaxy Scheduled Message
    Nowadays, people use smartphones to support their work and studies. Due to a hectic life, you might not be able to keep your laptop on the go because it is too big and less convenient. 

    Thus, it is good to have a smartphone that can support your activity. Samsung Galaxy scheduled messages can be a good feature that can help you out with your busy schedule.

    How to Schedule Your Message on Samsung Galaxy S 21 / S 20 / S 10 + 5G and Galaxy Note Series

    To schedule your messages, you will have to do some steps so that it can be done properly. 

    1. The first thing you need to do is to open your Message feature on Samsung Galaxy. 
    2. There you can choose the ”+” icon and tap on the Menu icon. It will be located on the middle right. 
    3. After that, you can tap on “Schedule Message” where you can start to create the schedule you want for your message to send. 
    4. Select the date and time that you desired before you create your message. 
    5. Once you are finished writing your message, you can tap on “Send”

    The message that you send will automatically send on the time and date that you have chosen on schedule. It will not wait for you to send the message because you have set the time and date in the first place.

    Never Forget to Send Message

    It is good to prepare your messages because you will never forget to send such a crucial message in the future. We all know that being professional is essential. 

    By preparing some important messages on schedule, you can rest assured that everything is in order. Even if you are busy, there should be no excuses to forget to send an important message.

    If you have a smartphone from Samsung, you can enjoy the advanced technology that they used on their products. A busy life will be more bearable to handle because you have the perfect technology that can help you to keep it up. 

    This kind of scheduled message is very effective and time-efficient for a busy life. You can easily prepare the messages once you have some free time. It will be very convenient to prepare the message when you are not too busy. 

    With Samsung Galaxy scheduled message, Your work will be much more enjoyable to do because you can manage your time even better. This can be for the Galaxy S 21 / S 20 /S 10 + Ultra, Galaxy Tab S 7+ and Galaxy Note20 Series.

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