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Split Screen on Galaxy S20 : How can use this function?

    How to Use Split Screen on Galaxy S20

    Samsung Galaxy S20 comes with sophisticated functions. If you are a multitasker, you cannot miss the function of this smartphone that allows you to open two apps at the same time using the split screen on galaxy s20. How can you use this function?

    Split Screen on Galaxy S20
    Split Screen on Galaxy S20

    Running Apps in Split Screen

    To run your apps on Multi tasking-screen, the very first thing you have to do is to make sure that both apps are active. 

    1. Now, you can enter the Overview Selection menu by long-tapping on the Recents button
    2. You can look for the app you want by sliding left
    3. You need to tap on the App icon and you will see the list. 
    4. You can choose the second option
    5. The app is located to the upper part of the screen while the other apps can be found on the lower half of the screen. 
    6. You only need to choose one from the list and you will find your split-screen mode. 
    7. Next, you only need to follow the same process for the second option. 
    8. You can see your apps change positions in no time.

    Creating App Pair

    Well, the process to split screen on galaxy s20 for running two apps is pretty simple. However, when you have to use it quite often, you might find that this process can be more time consuming than it used to be. 

    If you want to save your time for preparing two apps pairing, it is better to create an App Pair. 

    • This way, you can open your apps on the split-screen immediately. 
    • You do not have to repeat the same taps over and over again to open two apps on the split-screen. 
    • You need to keep in mind that to create App Pair, you have to enable the Apps module that can be found in the Edge Panel. 
    • Once it is enabled, you can open the app panel to tap on Edit. 
    • You can tap on the icon of the Create App Pair. 
    • You will find all of the available apps that appear at the bottom. 
    • All you have to do is just choose two apps you want to pair and your task is completed. 

    Anytime you want to use the App Pair, you only need to swipe on the screen right edge for activating the Edge Panel and choose the App Pair. 

    You can also open the App Pair on the split screen on galaxy s20 much faster by adding it to the home screen.

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