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How to Use hidden features s20 ultra : Maximize it

    Use the Hidden Features S20 Ultra to Maximize Your Activity!

    Do you know about some hidden features of s20 ultra? Behind the cool and expensive smartphone, it turns out that many secret features can be maximized to make communication and entertainment comfortable in your hands. One of them is the Samsung Galaxy S20.

    hidden features s20 ultra
    hidden features s20 ultra

    It is called "secret" because these features are often detached and escape the attention of users who do not really "dig" their cell phones. 

    It also makes them unable to make optimal use of the cell phone capabilities that have been provided. 

    That should make their daily activities, work, and even entertainment activities more comfortable and meaningful. Then, what are they?

    Instant Recorder

    The button "take picture/camera" when we take a picture, can be a button that has multi-functions. It is not only for taking pictures, but users can also record some great videos and you do not need to change the mode of a photo to the mode of video.

    Users simply hold the button of 'take picture/camera' longer until the mode automatically turns to the mode of video. This great feature is perfectly suitable to use while you intend to take pictures, but you find a moment that is also suitable for capturing in the form of video.

    Edge Screen

    This is a shortcut panel for frequently used applications. This depends on taste. The edge Screen position is on the lower side near the volume button. Swipe to display frequently used applications. Press the "+" button to add applications.

    Bixby Routine

    It is one of the hidden features s20 ultra you should use. This is an automation feature based on the user's location, time, or daily activity. 

    For example when at work, at home, or on the go. Bixby will automatically enable or disable certain features. For example, turning on Wi-fi when you get home to play YouTube Music on the go. 

    This feature is very useful. Below, Steps you can follow to Set up Bixby Routine:

    • First, Tap Settings.
    • Tap Advanced Feature.
    • Then select Bixby Routines.

    Live Caption

    When watching Youtube, there is always a caption feature that allows videos to have captions or subtitles. Unfortunately, not all videos on Youtube have this feature. 

    Well, the Samsung Galaxy S20 ultra offers a feature that allows users to see the caption or transcript of the video being watched.

    For example, a user is watching an English video on Youtube, a transcript of the conversation will appear from the video that is being watched. 

    Not only from Youtube but a feature called "Live Caption" is also present when we consume certain media in real-time.

    The "Live Caption" feature is not active immediately. Users need to activate it first. How to activate Live Caption on Samsung Galaxy, itself is relatively easy. Follow 4 Steps Below:

    1. Users only need to enter the "settings" section. 
    2. After that select "accessibility"
    3. Next, choose the "hearing enhancement" option, 
    4. Then select to activate the auto text feature or "Live Caption".

    Those are some hidden features of s20 ultra you have to try.

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