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How to Find Hide apps Samsung S21 Easily?

    How to Find Hidden Apps on Samsung Galaxy

    Not everyone displays applications on the main screen of their Samsung Galaxy phones. It is because the user wants the main screen to look clean, or maybe because they want the apps to be hidden. 

    Therefore some applications will be hidden.

    How to Find Hidden apps on Samsung Galaxy
    How to Find Hidden apps on Samsung Galaxy

    For those of you who want to know the information about how to find hidden apps on Samsung Galaxy, you can follow the explanation below.

    Open the folder on the home screen

    On Android, including Samsung Galaxy, you can hide the applications.

    If you open a Samsung Galaxy phone, the first menu you see on the front is the home screen. You can swipe right or left to see other applications.

    You can also open the folder where the application is usually placed. The folder containing the application will usually have a display of small icons containing the applications that are in it. You can tap the folder once to see what applications are there.

    Open the app drawer

    Furthermore, hidden applications can be found in the app drawer. To see all the applications installed on the Samsung Galaxy phone, you can view them by tapping the icon in the middle of the screen. This app drawer icon is shaped like a circle with several small dots in it.

    When you tap on the app drawer icon, you will see a complete list of what apps are installed, sorted alphabetically. You will see most of the applications residing on your Samsung Galaxy.

    • To see more about the app drawer, you can tap the three dots in the upper right corner of Android. 
    • Next, select hide app
    • If there is a list of applications after you select that option.
    • then that is an application that is hidden on the Samsung Galaxy.
    • but if there is no choice of any application, then the sign is that there are no hidden applications.

    Open settings

    You can also look for hidden applications on the Samsung Galaxy by opening the settings which are usually located on the app drawer or home screen. 

    1. The settings app icon usually looks like a gear. 
    2. You can select the settings menu.
    3. then select Applications to see a list of applications installed on the Samsung Galaxy.
    4. Sometimes, you can also see a list of applications installed on Android. 
    5. Select All, to see all hidden applications.

    That's all the information on how to find hidden apps on Samsung Galaxy. Now, you can already see what’s hidden apps on the phone.

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