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My Samsung Galaxy Screen is Black : Why?

    My Samsung Galaxy Screen is Black – How to Fix

    Some users of Samsung galaxy reported that ‘my Samsung Galaxy screen is black’ earlier this year. According to reports, power-related issues are among the most commonly reported problems with the Galaxy series.

    Generally, the issues may come out due to various reasons, and the most common cause is a minor glitch or crash with the firmware. Other than that, the most recent update may also lead to corrupted system caches.

    My Samsung Galaxy Screen is Black
    My Samsung Galaxy Screen is Black

    What is the most effective solution?

    According to the reports, some users found that their phone is still on – only the screen is black. They know that the phone is still on from the notification light that flashes. The phone can also receive calls and texts. Still, the screen is black.

    Rebooting your Galaxy should’ve been your go-to first-aid when your phone couldn’t perform properly. A few people who earlier reported ‘my Samsung Galaxy screen is black’ now can use their phones properly.

    However, if holding the power key and volume down button didn’t give any change, you can plug the phone on a working charger. Be sure to only use the original cable and charger. Wait until a few minutes, whether or not the screen shows the charging symbol. Later, try to reboot your phone.

    If those methods below didn’t work at all, the black screen is not caused by minor glitches anymore. You have to go to the service center to fix the issue.

    Liquid damage

    You can also check for any sign of liquid damage. Physical damages are easily spotted from your case. Meanwhile, you should take a look at the LDI or liquid damage indicator in the SIM card slot.

    If any liquid has entered your phone, the indicator will turn purple or red. If the LDI remains white, then your phone is ok. Generally, your phone is water-resistant but not waterproof. Any liquid may slip to your phone – even moisture could damage your phone.

    Run the Samsung Galaxy in safe mode

    Running the Samsung Galaxy safe mode is another way you can do to fix your phone. Here is the step:

    • If your phone is still on, you can turn it off and turn it on right after. 
    • When the Samsung logo comes out, 
    • Press the power key and volume down button at the same time until your phone restarted – it runs safe mode

    Fixing ‘my Samsung Galaxy screen is black’ can be done by wiping cache and uninstall apps from safe mode.

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