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How to Hard Restart my Galaxy S21?

    Everything You Need to Know about Samsung Galaxy Hard Restart

    Do you know that Samsung Galaxy hard restart can benefit your phone on so many levels? People rarely reboot their phones for various reasons. Most of them think that there is no use to reboot the phone.

    On the other hand, your phone will get a fresher start with an automatic reboot. Also, if you use the Galaxy series, you can manage the automatic restart easily. Rebooting your phone once a week will give a bunch of benefits for sure. 

    Samsung Galaxy Hard Restart
    Samsung Galaxy Hard Restart

    However, overdoing this method is not good at all – hard-restarting your phone every day will put too much pressure on the device.

    Refreshing the RAM in Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S20 Plus or Galaxy Ultra 5G

    At some point, you will feel that your phone performs slower and slower from time to time. Besides the memory, there might be something to do with the RAM usage. 

    The more apps you open, the more RAM will be used – some apps that automatically started when you turn on your phone will also eat up the RAM.

    Restarting your phone will clear up the RAM, and rebooting your phone once a week helps to refresh the memory of your phone. Doing the Samsung Galaxy hard restart, on the other hand, will fix almost any issue with your phone.

    Unresponsive Phone : How do I do a hard reboot on my phone?

    The Galaxy series got a lot of reports related to its unresponsive apps. Some of the reports also mentioned that the screen got black while the notification light stills flashed. 

    How can you reboot that kind of Samsung Galaxy Phone? 

    • First of all, don’t you ever take out the battery in this kind of situation. 
    • The good news is that most smartphones come with built-in batteries instead.
    • All you need to do is to press the volume down key and the power button at the same time for about 10 seconds. 
    • Once the notification light disappears or your screen goes blank (if your phone is on and unresponsive), turn on the phone like usual. 
    • This force reboot will turn out fine if there is no major issue found in your phone.


    There might be tons of issues with Android phones nowadays. That is why the developer normally sends notifications to your phone for updates. 

    Updating the apps and the phone system is essential to keep up with the latest tech.

    Other than that, you don’t want to deal with malicious files or virus attacks due to the lack of updates. More than anything, managing the Samsung Galaxy hard restart regularly keep your phone away from unexpected internal issues.

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