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Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Hidden Folder : How to?

    Samsung Galaxy S Plus Hidden Folder Information for You : All Series

    Samsung Galaxy S Plus Hidden Folder -- If you have a Samsung Galaxy S Series and you need to know more about this phone. This is the time when you think that you need to hide your private files safely in this phone. 

    So, you need to know about the Samsung galaxy S plus hidden folder system which helps you to hide all the private files that you want to keep. You can always have your files kept privately by moving those files into the secure folder. 

    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Hidden Folder
    Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Hidden Folder
    This secure folder will be your storage for your important and private data since you can always set the file in a private mode to make sure that there is no unauthorized people can access your private and important data.

    Let’s Setting Up your Private Folder in Samsung Galaxy : S Series

    When you want to start keeping all your private data safely in the private storage of a secure folder, the first step that you need to do is by setting your phone correctly. 

    1. First, you have to start opening the Settings feature on your phone, 
    2. Then you need to choose Biometrics and Security features
    3. Through this feature, you will be able to find Secure Folder, and you can choose this feature. 
    4. When you are the first starter of using this system, you can always click on agree after you reach the welcome page. 
    5. The next step for Samsung Galaxy S Plus hidden folder is by logging in and opening your own account of Google. 
    6. If you already reach this process then you may wait for a while to get your complete set up of your secure folder
    7. Once your secure folder is already created, you can choose the security system that suits you well, whether it is a password, a pattern, or a pin. 
    8. Another security system that you can also use by using the fingerprint reader.

    Hide Your Private Files Safely in Samsung Galaxy : S Plus Series

    You need to know that the fingerprint reader is only another optional security system, so it is still required that you choose one of those three security systems. 

    • After you end with this security process.
    • you can continue by clicking ‘next’
    • This is the time when your secure folder is ready to be used as your private storage, 
    • you can always access this folder whenever you want 
    • Then you can arrange the files inside this secure folder by moving it.

    If you want to take more pictures, but you want to keep them directly in your secure folder it is always easy to take pictures directly from your secure folder by accessing your secure folder and choosing your camera application. 

    This allows you to take pictures and the pictures will be directly kept in the gallery of your secure folder. So, you can always enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S Series plus hidden folder, by keeping your private data safely. 

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