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Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Problems : How to FIX FREE?

A Guide to Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Problems

Are you experiencing one of the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera problems? In this article, we have several things related to that gadget to share. After getting the phone updated with an Android 10, people reported that they faced problems or not working with their camera.

The issues came as blurry images and sometimes the camera app crashing. Even though the Android updates might not be the culprit, the possibility could be valid after all in Camera Bug.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Problems
Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Problems

Common causes of S10 camera problems

As mentioned earlier, some users suspected that the Android updates may lead to the issues. If they do, some common reasons such as minor bugs within the app and corrupted or incorrect camera settings might be part of the causes.

Other than that, the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera problems may come from hardware malfunction – but this thing is quite rare. Unknown software bug, poor coding issues, bad system cache, and broker app from the third party can also be the causes behind the crash.

So, can we fix those issues?

Rebooting your phone when camera failed

Just like fixing any other device, your phone will benefit from a system restart. Rebooting your phone also gives a fresh start for it. Other than that, this method may help if the cause came from a minor bug.
It is recommended to reboot your phone once a week or in a few days. 

It helps to prevent any crashes and other issues. Refreshing the system can be done by 

  • pressing the power key and volume down button at the same time for 10 seconds.
  • The reboot can also be done automatically. 
  • You can access the ‘auto restart’ option on the ‘settings’ menu.

Updating your app

Since the issue is with the camera, you better check any updates related to the camera app. Updates are made to fix issues due to bugs. Generally, Samsung will notify you in case your system needs to be updated.

Another way you can try is by checking the update on the ‘about camera’ option. Your camera app is good if ‘the latest version is already installed’ is present on the screen.

How do I fix my Samsung Galaxy S10 camera?

There are a few ways you can troubleshoot your camera app. This will be useful if you have no idea what bugs cause the camera problem. 

The methods include updating the app, reset the app, clear the camera cache, reset camera settings, and force quite the camera. And this is anything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S10 camera problems.

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