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How to Screenshot on Samsung S21?

    How Do I Take A Screenshot On My Samsung Galaxy Phone A12? Use The 3 Unique Ways!

    If you have a Samsung Galaxy A12 phone, you may ask, how do I take a screenshot on my Samsung Galaxy phone? Well, cell phones often store various important data. This data is obtained through submissions from other people or information on the internet. 

    If you find new information from the internet, usually cellphone users will save the data via screenshots or screenshots. 

    A screenshot is certainly a vital function for its users, including Android users. Every cellphone has a different way to take screenshots, including Samsung Galaxy phones. And, this time discussed is the Samsung Galaxy A12. 

    How do I take a Screenshot on my Samsung Galaxy Phone
    How do I take a Screenshot on my Samsung Galaxy Phone
    Not a few Samsung Galaxy A12 users have difficulty finding the screenshot feature on Samsung cell phones.

    This type of Samsung cellphone has its way of taking screenshots. Well, here are some ways to screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A12 HP:

    Using physical buttons

    1. Determine the area to be a screenshot.
    2. Then press the power button and volume down simultaneously.
    3. After that, the screen will flash followed by a shutter sound as a sign of a successful screenshot process.
    4. Then a pop-up display appears at the bottom, along with several options for taking a long screenshot (if available), cropping, and sharing the screenshot.

    Using the palm swipe feature

    There is a Second Method for taking screenshots. You don't have to press a button. However, this differs from the first method which does not require any prior setup. To be able to use this method the user must first activate the feature from the Settings menu.

    • Go to Settings, select the Advance feature.
    • Select Motions & Gestures.
    • Activate Palm swipe to capture.

    You have enabled Swipe Gestures successfully on your phone of Galaxy A2. Now you can use it to capture screenshots. Once you have opened the object that you intend to screenshot on the screen, follow these steps to take a screenshot.

    • Place your palms on the sides of the screen.
    • Now swipe across the screen.
    • The system will detect your movement and take a screenshot for you.
    • Done, you've made it.

    Using assistant of Google

    The Samsung phone of Galaxy A12 also comes equipped with a super-smart assistant, namely the Google Assistant. The assistant is pretty perfect, and as a user, you can use it to take screenshots. Once you have opened the content that you want to screenshot on your phone screen, do the following steps to get the screenshot.

    • Activate the assistant of Google by saying Hi Google or even Ok Google.
    • After the assistant of Google has been activated, you can say these words: Take a screenshot
    • Then, it will directly process your commands of voice, and it directly provides the screenshots for you
    • After you take the screenshot you want, tap on your certain screenshot for editing or even swiping if you intend to close.  

    So, those are some answers of how do I take a screenshot on my Samsung Galaxy phone.

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